Extasia (clickstory – browser version)


Play the full Extasia app in your browser, on PC/Mac, tablet or phone.

Simply purchase, download the file and open in any internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Or get the Android app on Google Play.



1. Purchase browser version of Extasia.
2. Download to your computer or device.
3. Open the downloaded HTML file in your default or favoured browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).
4. Read and enjoy. Click the highlighted text at the end of each passage to decide which way the story goes.
5. Don’t forget to save your progress at the end of each reading session by clicking “SAVES” in the left hand panel. (Click “<" in top left of browser window to open panel.) The next time you open the HTML file in your browser, click "SAVES" to continue where you left off. Themes/fetishes: BDSM, exhibitionism, humiliation, lesbianism (and hetero too), foot fetish, clerical fetish, group sex ...