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In Extasia …

All know more than you.
The only choice is to submit,

The only path: obey.
Who’s in control – uncertain,
Though certainly not you.
While suppressed desires run free,
You may never again.

Imagine awaking naked on a bed with no memory of who you are. Or even what you are.

A mirrored wall reflects a beautiful young woman. Three outfits await.

Two spark memories of romantic, exciting times. Our heroine knows she can pass through the mirror and taste those perfect fantasies again.

Except she has lived them already far too many times. 

Only one of the three outfits provokes no such recollections. Though more a degrading harness than an actual outfit, she understands it is her only choice.

This time, she finds herself in an alternate reality of historical servitude, below the bottom rung in a lord’s mansion and at the mercy of his cruel female lieutenants. All seems utterly real in this supposed fantasy … including the humiliation, degradation and pain.

Though her mind resists, she can’t help but notice a quite different response in her body.



Extasia is the first title from Clixtasy. The aim is to create well written imaginative erotica – that also hits the spot. 

Extasia is available as a novel and a complete clickstory – an interactive version in which the reader makes choices that branch the narrative, for a more immersive experience.

You can play a sample of the clickstory on the site, purchase the full browser version, download the Android version from Google Play, and there’s also a full novel version available to purchase here on the site as an eBook.

About the author

I am a professional writer and editor from the north of England, and Extasia is my first published work of erotica.

I am interested in writing about those traditionally taboo areas that normally fall in and around the category known as BDSM. 

I am excited also by the possibilities of interactive fiction. We live in a time when there has never been as much interactivity in our daily lives. And, as far as the erotic goes, I believe interactive is always better.

The Extasia clickstory will be the first of many such interactive titles from Clixtasy. I think that well-written, interactive erotica can be sublime and “next level”. I hope you think so, too.

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